RMP  - which stands for Riporti Metalli Preziosi – was set up by Sergio Teresio Savoini in 1978, as a small handicraft business specialized in the gilding of brass tap and faucet accessories.
RMP’s growth continued in the late 1980s by expanding the brass electroplating treatment business with the treatment of Zamak inserts and starting the production of painted inserts.
In the late 1990s the company specialized in the treatment of plastic materials.
RMP SAVOINI has been growing since then,  constantly acquiring updated know-how and investing in advanced electroplating and special-painting technology.
This policy has contributed to the company’s growth and outstanding achievements in providing our customers with innovative services.
The constant attention to problem-solving and manufacturing quality enabled the company to operate with leading partners in the automotive industry and the lighting-system sector, where design and technology are essential requirements in considering RMP SAVOINI a performing, reliable and certified partner.
graphic by Giovetti